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Group customization

Group Customization Standards

  • Non-standard material minimum order quantity not less than 10,000Kg (such as 100% cotton, viscose, etc.)
  • Standard material minimum order quantity not less than 3,000Kg (referring to the specified material and specifications designated by our company)
  • All packaging materials are provided by the demand side, or can be ordered by our company on behalf of the demand side
  • Non-trademark rights holders need to provide a first-level chain authorization letter from the trademark rights holder

Group Customization Process

  • Determine the product form based on the packaging materials provided by the demand side, such as material, specifications, quantity, folding method, etc.
  • Sample making to determine the final form of the finished product
  • Determine the transportation method, sign the contract, and start production

Group Customization Services

  • Provide quality inspection reports for the batch of products (including microbiological testing, fluorescent agent testing, material testing)
  • Provide formal VAT special invoices

Group Customization Business Line

  • E-mail: commercial@esocha.com